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Information About U.S. Copyright

Register Your Copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office
The Copyright Registry is NOT the U.S. Copyright Office. It is important that you register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office, which will provide you with additional protections.
To register your creative works with the Copyright Office, click here.

Copyright Education Information (PACA)
Picture Agency Council of America (PACA), the U.S. trade association of photo agencies, provides a free and in-depth library of educational video, Powerpoint, web and text information about essential aspects of copyright.
This must see resource is part of the PACA Document Library.

FAQs About Copyright Registration (ASMP)
American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), the largest trade association of professional photographers, provides a superb list of Questions and Answers concerning the registration process for U.S. Copyright.
Learn how to register your copyright at the ASMP FAQ About Registration.

Image Rights Legal Links (Harvard)
Harvard Law School has assembled a defacto primer of legal overview and links concerning image rights, including copyright, moral rights, resale rights.
Harvard Law image rights information

Copyright & Fair Use Links (Stanford)
Stanford University Libraries has assembled a detailed list of links to legal resources concerning copyright and fair use.
Stanford University copyright and fair use information

News Articles

Concerning Copyright
Copyright laws and infringement cases constantly evolve. Some headline stories of relevance:
Pirate Bay four guilty on copyright (April 19 2009)
Supreme Court Grants Cert on Copyright Jurisdiction Issue (March 3 2009)

Concerning Orphan Works
Orphan works legislation will have significant impact on creators and copyright holders. Some relevant articles:
When the Copyright Owner Can’t Be Found… (mid-winter 2008)


Discussions Relating To Copyright and Orphan Works (MILE)
Metadata Image Library Exploitation (MILE) is assembling an informative forum on metadata and issues affecting and affected by Copyright and Orphan Works legislation. This forum has articles, event announcements and relevant information with a European emphasis that extends beyond national boundaries.
MILE Forum

Opposition To The Orphan Works Act
The Illustrator's Partnership of America embodies the most cohesive and broadest opposition to the Orphan Works Act.
Illustrator's Partnership

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